Eternal Senia - Hydrangea After The Rain v 1.190323 Mod APK Android

Game Description :
Eternal Senia - Hydrangea After The Rain The story is driven by the determination

Senia is once again on the quest to find her sister,
but this time, her blade won't be her only companion!

Meet Senia's new friends:

Hugo - Calm even in the face of danger,
but beneath his placitude lurks the dark heritage of a wizard

Briella - Forever optimistic and outgoing,
she is the Bishop of the Holy Capital, Balder

Sophie - A young girl with a mysterious past

...and Priest Magaleta,
the elder sister who has always been so kind to Senia.
Will Senia be able to see her again? Download mod apk games from Dark Mod Games  
Version : 1.190323
Genre : Casual
Size : ~100MB
Root needed : No
Internet required : Yes
Playstore Link : Google Play
Hack Mod :
  1. x1000 offline crystal rewards - blue crystals
  2. 100000 Rubies on ads reward
  3. Damage increased by x2

How To Install :

Download Link:


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Dark Mod Games

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