Choices: Stories You Play v 2.6.1 Mod APK

Choices: Stories You Play Mod APK

Game Description :
Choices: Stories You Play is a gathering of Visual Novel Choose Your Own Adventure recreations discharged by Pixelberry Studios for iOS and Android. Pixelberry likewise made the recreations High School Story and Hollywood U Rising Stars. Also, the amusement shares a portion of the makers of Cause of Death and Surviving High School. The amusement was discharged on August 17, 2016 is as yet discharging substance right up 'til the present time.

The amusement itself is actually only an interface from which you can get to the narratives. Two types of in-application cash available through Microtransactions (or much bigger exchanges in case you're truly contributed) exist; these are Diamonds and Keys, and your parity for both are shared among the majority of the narratives in the gathering. Every story expects you to surrender a Key to play a part, and in every story some exceptional decisions will expect you to pay Diamonds to make them. Keys refill after some time at one key at regular intervals, yet you can't hold more than two keys acquired for nothing on the double. You'll get two jewels when you complete a part out of the blue. Replays don't naturally give you free jewels; be that as it may, clients can win one extra precious stone by viewing an advertisement in the wake of playing a part (even a recently played one), however this component is still to some degree surrey. You can play through an entire story without paying anything, however over having not very many Diamonds with which to get to exceptional decisions that offer heaps of profundity and backstory, you'll additionally just have the capacity to play through at most two sections at once, so you won't almost certainly burst through a story rapidly. This plan of action qualifies as both an Allegedly Free Game, and Freemium. Download from Dark Mod Games

Version : 2.6.1
Genre : Casual
Size : 80MB
Root needed : No
Internet required : Yes
Playstore Link : Google Play
Hack Mod :
  1. Free Premium Choices
  2. Most of the Outfits are Unlocked 
  3. Most of the Haristyles are Unlocked 
  4. Most of the Looks are Unlocked 
Note :
  • If you got license issue, use playstore version first
Choices: Stories You Play Mod APK
Choices: Stories You Play Mod APK

How To Install :

Download Link:

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