Almost a Hero - Idle RPG Clicker v 3.0.4 Mod APK

Game Description :
Almost A Hero is an inactive RPG clicker amusement where 15 of the most futile imbeciles set out on a journey to be somewhat less pointless numbskulls.

They state never give a washout an even shot. We state unique.

A group of profoundly one of a kind and profoundly defective people have been decided for enormity. Brave, respectable, illuminated... Only 3 of the numerous words they can't spell. They will set off on an epic voyage that will divert them from zeroes to nearly legends. Or on the other hand dead individuals. More probable the last mentioned.

Join these zeroes on a mission to progress toward becoming legends in an antiquated land. Train them to learn fight aptitudes, mysterious forces and which end of a sword is the business end.

In Almost a Hero you'll discover journeys, mysteries to open and there's loads of clicking to do. That is correct, it's a clicker amusement. Have you about got the stuff to progressed toward becoming right around a saint? Download Android Mod Games from Dark Mod Games

Version : 3.0.4
Genre : Casual
Size : 55MB+59MB
Root needed : No
Internet required : No
Playstore Link : Google Play
Hack Mod :
  1. Increased Currencies

How To Install :

Download Link:
Mod APK:


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