Kairosoft Game Dev Story v 2.0.9 Mod APK

Game Description :
Kairosoft Game Dev Story Mod Deal with your own diversion organization and attempt to make a million-selling amusement in this one of a kind reenactment.

Highlights the capacity to build up your organization's own diversion comfort, in addition to a framework for changing your staff individuals' callings.

Your staff individuals can have an assortment of amusement related callings, from software engineer to sound specialist.

Buckle down and you may achieve the highest point of the computer game industry! Download Android Mod From Dark Mod Games

Version : 2.0.9
Genre : Casual
Size : 30MB
Root needed : No
Internet required : No
Playstore Link : Google Play
Hack Mod :
  • V1:
  1. Unlimited Funds 

  • V2:
  1. Unlimited Funds ($99,999,999,99k)
  2. Unlimited Research Data Points (Will never decrease!)
  3. All Items At New Game + 99 (max!) of both consumables
  4. All employee's have automatically mega-health
  5. Always Super Parameter Training + Level Up Super Surprise!

How To Install :

Download Link:


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Dark Mod Games

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