(18+) Nutaku Oblivious v. 4.1 Mod APK

Nutaku Oblivious Hack APK

Game Description :
Oblivious Mod APK is a fascinating action RPG, taking you to many different lands to fight and experience the feeling of hero. In this battle, you are not a muscular hero with heavy armor and a holy sword. So your task is to use your magical talents to run the warriors who are attacking the battlefield. Players can bring into the ring of 5 characters and control them. Confronting you are weird monsters, coming out of other dimensions to destroy Makai.

The warriors you own will be all heroines for the game also has a small idea. It is that it will lead the main character into a Harem plot (a lucky guy with many girls surrounded and loved him). Except for Norn and Charles I, you will be admitted to the team of many other girls. They all possessed terrible power and a hot body. These people fall in love with you unconditionally and can sacrifice for you. Don’t please them.

You have to continually give them a boost in strength by upgrading their skills and power stats. The inevitable victories will come to hardworking and persistent people. An attraction of “Oblivious” is that it allows players to flirt and build relationships with female characters under their command. When you have certain intimacies, you will definitely get their hot photos. Everyone has an album with lots of pictures, please slowly get acquainted and familiar with them.
Version : 4.1
Genre : Adult 18+,RPG
Size : 50MB
Root needed : No
Internet required : Yes
Playstore Link : Google Play
Hack Mod :
  1. Ultimate active after attack
  2. 1 Hit Kill
  3. decrease enemy Crit/Hitrate
  • Works on Stage/feats/events
  • Use VPN if you can't login to Nutaku website
Nutaku Oblivious Mod APK
Nutaku Oblivious Mod APK
How To Install :

Download Link:

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