Esports Life Tycoon Mod APK v 1.0.6

Esports Life Tycoon Mod APK

Game Description :
Esports Life Tycoon APK MOD is actually a classic one Sport Manager Game. Football Manager or Bike Manager knows where to train a sports team and manage to improve their training conditions. Create your own team in Esports Life Tycoon and improve their games. Make your teams compete in big tournaments and win big prizes. Its a Game manager where you have to manage your gaming team and watch their performances. Get Esports Life Tycoon MOD APK for Unlimited Money and Training points.

This eSports Manager Game also offers a lot of features that you get from such big titles. Player characteristics that you get over the course of Time can improve, including training rooms Expansion, marketing, finance, and all sorts of things. Insights into the life and problems of one such a team. eSports Life Tycoon is powered by Raiser Games published from Spain and from the small studio U-Play Online developed that despite this Name has nothing to do with Ubisoft.

This developer team already has games like Train Crisis, International Basketball Manager and YouTubers Life has successfully completed several smaller games brought on the market. It is therefore not completely inexperienced Indie team. Graphically, the game is for the management So genre quite competitive and appealing. The sound, however, is bad. Neither is there any voice output yet good music. A few pipe sounds in the background.

The game actually has two to three main views, depending on how you play.First of all, there is the house, by running the game preparations. There are various stations where the team analyzes the opposing team, Building marketing hype, the tactics of the opponent tries to counter or just together get trained. The simulation mode is quite interesting and offers some tactical depth. If you want to try out something unique and realistic then try Esports Life Tycoon APK MOD for once. Its almost like YouTubers Life Gaming but in different gameplay.
Version : 1.0.6
Genre : Casual
Size : 216MB
Root needed : No
Internet required : No
Playstore Link : Google Play
Hack Mod :
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Esports Life Tycoon Hack APK
Esports Life Tycoon Mod

How To Install :

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