How To Download

               Hello, Welcome to Dark Mod Games, if you're not familiar with downloads from Dark Mod Games, I will show you how to download from Dark Mod Games. Okay, without further ado lets begin the tutorial.

At first, click How to Install if you dont know how to install moded APK, if you already know, lets skip to step 2.

On step 2. Choose the link, I provide 3 links to choose on each file. so if one of them broken, you can choose the others. sometimes there are multiple version of the Mod, choose which suitable for you.
If there's an OBB for the game, please download it too, else you can't play the Mod

After you click the download link, make sure the domain is WTS.PW, like the picture below. DO NOT CLOSE IT. IT JUST SHORTENED LINK. it has ads in it know, but ads helps me pay my bill : ). 

After you go through the link above, the pages will be like this:
Tick the "I'm not a robot" and do the captcha, if its ticked then click "KLIK NEXT". Dont click the Skip Ads, unless you wanna face another ads. and your page will be like this:

Just Wait 10 seconds, and after that...

CLICK ON THE GET LINK, the please wait. DO NOT CLICK THE DOWNLOAD unless you wanna face another ads.Then You got the download link of your choice. and the rest is pretty much the same.
Or... You can Watch the video below

Thats How you Get the download link.

Q: Why there's so many tab/windows opened when i click download from the post.
A: Just close them except the link that i showed above.
Q: The Link is broken.
A: Try the other link, i gave 3 links as the optional if one is dead or broken. or you can tell me on the comment section of that post.
Q: Damn, why so difficult to downloads, so many ads.
A: Chill dude, i know. but ads helps me pay my bill. so please help each other.

If you have any more question please let me know in the comment
Dark Mod Games

2 Responses to "How To Download"

  1. cara pake bypass yang captain tsubasa itu gimana gan , file bypassnya diapain??

  2. For me the link on different modded apk is not working even the mirror link, i tried several apps and the link is not loading even though i have good internet connection. Any solution?